Anti-ageing, Anti-acne, Uneven skin tone, Redness, Eczema, Rosacea, Daily dose happy light | Seasonal Affective Disorder (‘SAD’) plus so much more!

Now everyone can enjoy the benefits of light therapy!

At Aduro Australia we believe that premium skincare products should be accessible and affordable to everyone without compromising on quality.  We pride ourselves on providing premium quality light therapy device options to both high end salons and our clients for home use.
Our products are designed for both professional in-salon and home use which means you can start your treatment plan in one of our exclusive salons or in the comfort of your own home.  It really is that simple!

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5 out of 5

This is going to be difficult to fit everything I love about LED treatments and the Aduro system in one summary, but here we go! As a customer, I first experienced LED light therapy in 2012 and it changed my life. Before this, I had been a sufferer of chronic eczema my entire life. As a baby, my parents had to wrap my hands in bandages to stop me from scratching myself and my whole life I was constantly using cortisone creams and at some points (usually triggered by stress) I had even been prescribed oral cortisone to calm it down. At the time that I first tried LED light therapy, I was experiencing the eczema particularly bad on my face. It was so bad and I was so dubious that the LED treatment would work (as I had tried almost every other thing on the market with no success, and could not emotionally handle being told something would work again if it didn’t), the people I got the LED treatment through were so convinced it would benefit me that they offered to provide me free treatments until I saw results. I was very sceptical to say the least. At first because I stopped using the cortisone and possibly due to stress I was experiencing at the time, it got slightly worse before it got better, but within 4 – 5 weeks my skin was visibly less inflamed. I persisted with the treatment with weekly treatments for 12 months (although I believe I could have probably done less treatments – I was just scared that if I stopped doing the treatments my skin would get bad again). Within about 2 – 3 months my eczema was completely gone and following that my skin just continued to get better and better with every week. Soon all my friends and family were asking what I had done, which I was so happy to share with them this life changing, pain free, in-invasive treatment. Many of them also started using the LED light for a wide variety of issues and ALL found improvements, even people who had no main skin concerns saw improvements. After 12 months of using the LED lights, the clinic I went to closed as the owners moved overseas and couldn’t find an owner for the business. I was devastated and was so scared my eczema would come back, however it is now 2016 and it has NEVER COME BACK! Earlier this year, probably more due to age and busy lifestyle, I noticed my skin was becoming a little dull and tired looking. I started investigating where I could get LED treatments done. I found a salon and started going regularly, and my skin immediately improved again. I thought to myself, I love this treatment so much that if I invested in one of these lamps, I would eventually pay it off because I would have spent that much money on treatments anyway. I came across Aduro and the amazing

Emma Port - Eden Hair & Beauty

Personal LED mask

The Aduro Australia mask is one of a kind world exclusive light therapy technology with patented light therapy technology and design. 8 different colour LED light wavelengths including infra-red and 11 Treatment options in 1 device.

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Collagen Masks

 Premium Collagen masks deliver essential key nutrients to the skin immediately on contact, delivering a luxurious, deeply hydrating and revitalising spa facial experience like never before.

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Professional Salon Device

Our most powerful facial mask for professional use with 8 different colour LED light wavelengths including infra-red options and selectable light area options and Skin Boosting technology, including Teeth whitening as a bonus treatment option!

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Unique Product

The Aduro Aus LED mask is one of a kind with patented light therapy technology and design.

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Aduro Aus strives for quality and perfection. All products meet high quality standards and are tested in our factory. 12 months warranty on all Australian Domestic & International sales from date of purchase.

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